In 2011, when GES International Education was born in Silicon Valley, we didn't have a lot of students, gorgeous office, grand corporate blueprint, and even didn't mention the legendary success of Silicon Valley. However, the founder, Ms. Li Yue, has always insisted on realizing a dream opening up a search window for Chinese children to prepare for the brighter future of innovation. In the past seven years, she has been rushing around between China and United States. And in the process, she has received a lot of supports from countless friends and won the recognitions of many clients. This made Ms. Li Yue's dream gradually come true.
As the company entered its Seventh year, the children who participated our camp had entered high schools and universities. In the process, the parents and we witnessed their growth. During the Education programs, the parents said that their children had “grew up” after attending the camps. They also mentioned many of the children's improvements such as “study has become more motivated”, “the ability to think independently has become stronger” and “thinking has become more active”. These feedbacks gave Ms. Li Yue, who is thinking about the future of GES, a new idea—the original two-week summer camp not only expanded children's international horizons, but also gave them a better future.
Why do children have a leap in growth after attending summer camps? In the future, what will enable children to find a turning point and their own worlds in the ever-changing technological changes and increasingly competitive environment? How should they improve society and give back to society? GES firmly believes that innovation is the key. Innovative thinking can help you to understand and judge from different perspectives in the current environment. And on this basis, you can consciously and flexibly respond to changes to solve problems faster and more effectively. Innovation should not be divided into national borders and experience. It should belong to everyone.
In this mind revolution, GES created its own original 5D™ innovative learning method in 2016, aiming to make everyone discover the innovation enthusiasm and define innovation in this 5D™ process. 5D™ process is the process of discovering innovation enthusiasm, defining innovation, develop innovative skills, deploy innovative solutions and harvesting innovative results. Both individuals and companies can have a fresh experience of “innovation and decision-making” in our diverse camps, trainings and projects.
GES International Education will continue to be committed to designing vision for future dreams through the development of diverse 5D™ innovation camps and projects, cultivating personalized development through inspiring innovation potentials, leading through personal corporate learning and communication in the field of innovation..
Innovation is not a slogan, nor is it talent of a few people
GES believes that innovation is an ability that can be cultivated through proper learning methods and continuous training.
Therefore, we propose the design concept of the original 5D™ innovative learning method:
Explore yourself
Discover innovation enthusiasm
Examine yourself
Define innovation
Build yourself
Develop innovative skills
Show yourself
Implementing innovative solutions
Light up yourself
Harvest innovation fruit
GES integrated the design concept of 5D™ innovative learning methods into every well-designed service. Whether it is corporate training courses, business visits, or summer camps for young people, you will be able to get in touch with future innovation trends, discover understanding and interest in innovation, enjoy the joy of exploring your own potential in the process of innovation, and ultimately be fully loaded with partners. Let's share the wonders of a creative journey together.
Result-oriented 5D™ design concept
“Compared to the impeccable theory, the educational culture of the GES pays more attention to applying knowledge. For GES, the future innovation is built on Mindset, Skill and Access:
Mindset: Discover innovative thinking by exploring the concept of Self and Define innovation
Skill: Through various courses and activities to Develop the skills needed for innovation and put it into practice (Deploy)
Access: Provides resource connection and deep interviews with Silicon Valley companies, startups, incubators, accelerators, and investors.


  • Founder of GES
  • Silicon Valley Entrepreneur
  • “Everyone is Genius”
  • She is a GEniuS in:
  • Influence, Dominance,Communication, Achieve the goal


Director of Academic Advancement
  • MBA, Psychologist
  • PBL teacher trainer
  • 20 years of experience in education
  • She is a GEniuS in:
  • Family Education ,PBL, lessons design, educational planning, business development


Director of Curriculum
  • UNC Chapel Hill MBA.
  • Project Management
  • Culture Exchange
  • He is a GEniuS in:
  • Empathy, Self-reflection, Details-oriented, Analogical Reasoning and Comprehension


Director of Study Tour
  • STEM Education Counselor
  • Business Developer
  • Program Designer
  • He is a GEniuS in:
  • Business Development, Program Design, Communication with kids


Director of Study Abroad
  • Educator, Researcher
  • Educational Administration and Leadership
  • Temple University
  • She is a GEniuS in:
  • International education, Partnership with schools, Diverse thinking, Global thinker.


Marketing specialist
  • Master of Corporate Communication.
  • Culture. Arts. Aesthetics.
  • Event Planning. Press Release. Teamwork.
  • She is a GEniuS in:
  • Digital Marketing. Social Media. Creative Writing. Advertising. Education.


Director of Technology
  • Dual master of Computer Engineering and Computer Science
  • Years of startup experience
  • He is a GEniuS in:
  • Software Development, Critical thinking,Creative thinking,Joking


Manager of Academic Advancement
  • Doctor of Education, UCLA
  • International Relations
  • Language and Arts, Mentoring, Teaching
  • She is a GEniuS in:
  • teaching, intercultural communications, research, talking to strangers

  • Vincent Yip
    Senior Consultant
    • Expertise
      Project Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Technology Venture, Technology Management, Public Speaking, Venture Capital, International Relations, Cross-Cultural Management, Real Estate Investment, China's Economy and Commerce, Belt and Road
    • Teaching experience
      Stanford University, United States
      Northwestern University
      Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
    • work experience
      Singapore Economic Development Authority Head of High Technology
      Singapore Science Council Executive Director
      Singapore Science Park Executive Director
      Singaporean Counselor to the Vatican and the European Union
      ECOFEN General manager
  • Micheal Narea
    Course and Project Design Consultant and Lecturer
    • Expertise
      Curriculum design, design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship, market and business development, sustainable development, chemical engineering, public speaking, coaching
    • Teaching experience
      Design and teach design thinking for secondary school students in South Florida and Costa Rica
    • Work and publishing experience
      GSVlabs Education Technology Lab Project Manager
      New Frontier Education Co-founder
      Suncor Energy Manager
      South Africa Brightstar Supply Chain Analyst
      NuMat Technology, Chicago Market & Business Development Assistant
      Northwestern University Torkelson Research Team Researcher
      Northwestern University Geiger Research Team Research Assistant
  • Ben Gioia
    • Expertise
      2X bestselling author and international speaker who's positioned million dollar thought leaders, created a mindfulness video game, and inspires leadership that serves humanity. Ben is President of and his teachings are used by more than 20,000 people worldwide.
    • Experience
      Ben shifted culture at a Fortune 100 company, launched one of the biggest magazines on Earth, and trains global business leaders at Stanford. Once upon a time, while trekking (and almost dying) in the mountains of South India, Ben received a gift: a fire inside to serve. So today he partners with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, consultants, and coaches to bring their vision, message, and impact to the world.
  • Gene Hendrix
    Berkeley Professor and Lecturer
    • Innovation Quotations
      There are two ways to innovation:
      1. In the face of an existing problem, try to find a better way to solve it
      2. Foresee the future in the present and make it come true
      This is a completely different road. Imaginative people foresee the future (for example, Steve Jobs); those with strong analytical skills can solve problems (for example, Michael Dell).
    • Expertise
      Leadership, Business and Market Development, Project Management, Marketing Strategy, Organization Development, Innovation Management, Innovative Teaching Methods, Presentation Skills
    • Teaching experience
      University of Berkeley, United States
      San Francisco State University
    • work experience
      Royal Dutch Shell Oil Consultant
  • Jim Prost
    Professor Berkeley and Senior Lecturer
    • Innovation Quotations
      Innovation can be the creation of a new product to fill unmet needs in the market (eg iPhone); innovation can be achieved in new ways to achieve new goals (eg Southwest Airlines rapid boarding mode); innovation can also be a new one Services (eg Uber's shared economy concept)
    • Expertise
      Communication management skills, presentation skills, strategic marketing, marketing management, sales management, retail management, curriculum development, business and market development, coaching
    • Teaching experience
      Stanford University, United States
      University of Berkeley Haas School of Business
      University of Chicago Gram College
      US Hult International Business School
      San Francisco State University
    • Work and publishing experience
      Prost Associates Management Consultants President
      Data Quest Technology Products Marketing Director
      Power Up Software Company Vice President of Sales
      North American Marketing Association San Francisco Division Vice President
      Co-authoring "Strategic Marketing Management" with David Aaker
  • Reginald Duhe
    Professor Berkeley and Senior Lecturer
    • Innovation Quotations
      Imagination, vision and value are the keys to innovation. If you can't bring value into the design concept, your job may be futile
    • Expertise
      Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Neuromarketing, Senior Manager Leadership Development, Brand Management, Brand Strategy, Organization and Resource Development, Management of Nonprofit Organizations
    • Teaching Experience
      Berkeley University
    • Working Experience
      The 50th Super Bowl (Super Bowl) hosting conference
      Berkeley University Local Fund Director
      Cisco Senior Marketing Development Manager
      AT&T Data Sales Manager
      IBM Sales Management
Welcome to join the GES International Education!
Welcome to join the GES International Education! GES International Education is made up of a group of innovative ambassadors who are passionate about innovative learning and immersive education. We are committed to nurturing the future of innovation.
As the company continues to expand, we need more fresh blood. We are looking for:

---- passionate about education

---- High professional ethics

---- active thinking and the courage to accept challenges

---- Non-conforming and critical thinking

---- Has a life-long learning philosophy and constantly seeks progress

---- No experience required

As a company focusing on innovation education and believing in experience, GES International Education believes in enthusiasm, creativity and possibilities.
As long as you have the above qualities, GES is willing to provide you training from the basics, and take you with the company to thrive. Write down your own innovation story, and join GES with us to get out of an unusual life path!
Marketing Intern (Full Time and Part Time)
Qualification Requirements

- Business Background with Marketing, Business Administration, International Trade

-High school education or above

- Fluent in listening and speaking in English and Chinese

- Active thinking, love challenging myself

- Full of enthusiasm for education, willing to learn different cultures

- High Professional Ethics

Major job duties

- Assist marketing chief officer in planning and planning campaigns

- Assist in running social media pages

- Assist in writing social media content

- Assist project managers in managing project progress

Working hours

- Full time: 40 hours per week

- Part time: 20 hours per week

- Working hours can be flexibly coordinated

Join us

If you are interested in this job, please attach your resume and simply
answer the following questions and send it to the company's email:

- Your three biggest advantages and one hope to improve your weaknesses

-What can you contribute to GES?

- What do you want to learn from GES?

-What have you been most proud of so far? why?

(If you have an electronic file, please send it together)

Note: Answering the above four questions will be the basic condition of
the application, please be sure to fill in
Please send to


More Information Here